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Why Join Us?

Mutual Respect and Dignity at Work
Biomet is dedicated to serving our customers and the care of patients. We owe nothing less to each other. All Team Members are part of the Biomet success story and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Biomet respects and welcomes Team Members from all backgrounds without reference to gender, race, religious persuasion, disability or age, and enjoys working with a diverse group of customers, suppliers, and others in the global market place.  Biomet is an equal opportunities employer.

Team Member Development
Biomet is committed to providing opportunity for growth for all Team Members.

Community Involvement
Biomet believes in playing a full part in the communities where it conducts business. We encourage Team Member and corporate participation in non-profit, charitable, educational, cultural and service organisations.

We promise to meet the highest professional standards in all of our endeavours and we strive to meet all of our commitments to suppliers, customers and team members.