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Terveydenhuollon ammattilaisille

ePAK Single-Use Delivery System

Peel the Seal and You’re Ready to Go

The ePAK Single-Use Delivery System is a pre-sterilized, single-use procedure pack designed to address the immediate response needs of the operating room in one convenient package. By using the ePAK Kit, healthcare professionals now benefit from having immediate availability of sterile instruments saving time, reducing costs, and improving productivity by:


  • Reducing time spent preparing instruments and implants for surgery
  • Providing rapid setup and turnover time between cases

  • Pre-sterilized with protective packaging against contamination when in the hospital prior to use.
  • One part code per procedure.
  • Transportation and sterilization costs are eliminated since packs are pre-sterilized.


Design Features:

  • Advanced DVR Crosslock implants and instruments to treat distal radius fractures
  • Conveniently organized storage case with graphics and part number information for enhanced ease of use
  • Built-in screw length gauge to aid in verifying screw length, paired with screws designed to function in the locking and non-locking oblong holes
  • Uniquely engineered screwdriver that is able to pick up all screw types and sizes
  • F.A.S.T. Guide Collector that helps keep count of inserts as they are removed from the plate
  • Single-use design means that K-wires and drill bits are new and sharp for every procedure